Teaching Continua feedback from events: 

8th Jan 2017: Looking forward to the ‘How to measure progress using Learning Evaluation’ at the Park Hotel Cardiff tomorrow – 20 teachers will have a hands-on session with Gareth Cooke!

9th Jan 2017: Thanks to all the attendees at yesterday’s event – we had a big ‘walk-up’ crowd too, that’s why it was a little cramped – but still glad you came!

12th Jan 2017: It is session 3 of the ‘How to measure progress using Learning Evaluations’ at the Parc Hotel, Cardiff tomorrow – another 33 teachers and senior leaders will have a hands-on session with Gareth Cooke!

18th Jan 2017: Just evaluating the questionnaire responses – very pleasing results. Thanks to all who completed them!!!

23rd Jan 2017: After the challenge of finding Cwmdar primary in RCT – thanks for the positive response to the free demo!

24th Jan 2017: Great to support for the four Vale schools, Llanfair, Y Bont Faen, Llangan and Llancarfan Primaries as they take on Teaching Continua together and focus on the same themes – AfL today – the game changer!